women’s ministry


Pastor Ansele Adkins
Women of Nobility (W.O.N) is dedicated to helping women overcome challenges and develop a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ in order to live abundant and victorious lives. Our goal is to provide opportunities for women of all walks of life to be touch and transformed by the power of God, thereby enabling them to demonstrate kingdom living within their family, church and community. Women are encouraged and taught to cultivate the gifts, ministry calling and talents God has entrusted to them. It is our desire to inspire and empower women to live a “winning” life that is purposeful and bring glory to God. WON hosts monthly meetings, weekend events and annual conferences to encourage spiritual growth, as well as to provide practical tools and resources that would equip women with everything needed to succeed against all odds.  WON also reaches out and assists women and families in the local community with emergency needs through finance, food and clothing.
PHONE: 225.291.9705 * FAX: 225.291.2402 * EMAIL: won@cathedralworldworship.org
  • Women of Nobility Praise Ensemble
  • Woman 2 Woman Prayer and Counseling
  • Women of War (WOW) Intercessors
  • Life Skills Empowerment Classes
  • Book Club
  • Cancer Awareness Banquet
  • Voice of A Woman Conferences
  • Women in Ministry Leadership Workshops
  • Big Sister – Lil Sister Events
  • Woman’s Day (Hat Day)
  • Single Mother MinIstry
Special Thanks to Guest Speaker
 Apostle Bertha Brown
Shepherd’s Gate Intl. Ministries
Baton Rouge, LA 














 New Mothers